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Old and outdated web browser versions have security issues which allow virus's and malware to infect your computer. They also don't follow the newest web development standards. If you're using an older browser version it increases your chances of allowing an intrusion through your browser and at the same time it decreases your positive experience.

For instance you might be using Firefox ver. 16, yet webmasters might be building web sites based on the the changes and web standards for Firefox ver. 46. In this case it's possible the page you're viewing on the Internet isn't rendering as designed so you could be missing out on web site content or experiences. Happy Browser supports the international movement to eliminate obsolete browser versions so that you can browse faster and more secure..

Check your current web browser version below and upgrade your web browser. Then surf safe and have fun out there!


Spread the word to others and help them too!
If you'd like to help spread the word to the rest of the world that an updated web browser is important to them and to the web developers out there, feel free to add the below small snippet of code to YOUR website. When someone visits your site you'll be doing them the courtesy of letting them know if their browser is up to date or if it's out of date. On their first visit to your site a small alert bar will appear at the top of your web page (only on their first visit) to gently let them know the status of their browser. For your widget, copy and paste the code anywhere after the <body> tag in the html of your page - easy!
An Example of the widget bar at the top of your page for a visitor's browser that is NOT up to date.

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